Your financial story does not need to be your parent's story.

The archaic system of giving up money today, taking on risk and hoping to retire is B.S. 

It was never my intent to teach the world about the Infinite Baking Concept much less write two books. However, sometimes in life things find you and in the 2008 the stock market crash lead me to the Infinite Banking Concept. Even before 2008, I was never happy with investing and giving up access to my money let alone the risk. 

When I stumbled across this I was pretty sure it was illegal and everyone was going to jail. However, it intrigued enough to read six books in five weeks on the subject. I was amazed at what I found, how could this be legal? Even the state insurance website said it was legal to borrow from a life insurance policy. 

That was all I needed, FiscalBridge, LLC was born then and there. I quickly found people were not comfortable with handling their own finances because the industry leads us to believe we are not smart enough. Society does not teach us to be wealthy, they teach us to hand over money to those who are supposedly smarter than us. Because I did not come from the financial world I was able to explain this in a simple manner for people to understand - meet them where they are at in their financial journey. Quickly this lead to the writing of two books, one for farmers and one for non-farmers.  

In this process of helping you with your financial journey you will not see me throwing around big terms to make myself look smart. Instead, you are taught to understand what I teach so you ARE successful. There are no what if the market crashes scenario's. Instead, it's about you. What you want to do with your money, your dreams and aspirations, and how are we going to get there.

The final result is to make you responsible for your money and your future. You are the one who cares more about it then anyone else. I am here to help you and provide the honesty you need. No sugar coating, no false claims. Just straight up truth.

This was a truth no one told me about, it is my mission to share it with all and make sure it's done so in a way you understand and succeed. 

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